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Singapore-themed Kids Activity Books to Encourage Local Exploration

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Explore Singapore through Creativity and Art with our Young Explorer's Day Journal Series

It brings me much joy to introduce the Young Explorer's Day Journal Series. This product could not be possible without the feedback from our supportive users and partners. Thank you, we hear you guys!

Area-Specific Activities

After taking stock of what has been shared, we decided to create a more "area-specific" series of Singapore-themed activity books for kids. The first from this new series is focused on Marina Bay.

It features various popular spots within easy access (by foot or public transport) from the areas surrounding Marina Bay and the Downtown Core District. For example, we have activity pages inspired by the delectable smokey satays at Satay by the Bay, the beautiful lotus-inspired Art Science Museum and the restored bumboats commonly seen cruising on the Singapore River and Marina Bay.

Aside from Marina Bay, we will be releasing 7 more area-specific day journals this year. They are Sentosa Island, Orchard, Chinatown, Little India, Kampung Gelam, Joo Chiat and Changi.

A Fun Day with the Family

As parents with young children ourselves, we've designed the new book to be centred around quality family time. Our day journals will provide parents with a simple one-day (or half a day) "destination-based" activity idea to explore an area of interest with their children. A map in the book highlights the various interesting pit-stops in the area. Each pit-stop will have an accompanying activity page to keep the little ones engaged and excited.

We also understand that things do not always go as planned during outings with young children. This is why most activities within the booklet, though not ideal, can still be completed without having to be physically present at each location. However, there are the odd few which require them to be present to participate such as the "Statue scavenger hunt" at the Flower Dome.

Exploration and Creativity as a Catalyst for Learning

As a publisher of children's activity books and stories, we firmly believe that curiosity and creativity are fundamental qualities possessed by all children. They form the core building blocks which enables all future learning. This is why explorative and creative play is the most important, natural and accessible way to promote meaningful learning experiences in children.

The activity pages in our Young Explorer's Day Journals are meant to be a way for children to creatively express their experiences around Singapore. Many of the activity pages are designed to be open-ended in nature and all creative works will be unique to each child.

Singapore: A Plentiful Destination for Explorative and Creative Play

Singapore is affectionately referred to as the Little Red Dot by locals and foreigners alike. Although tiny in comparison to its Southeast Asian neighbours, I can confidently say that it is by far one of the most child friendly destinations in the region.

Aside from the conspicuously fun and exciting tourist attractions like the Singapore Zoo and Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore also offers a broad range of meaningful local experiences for children across cuisines, history, the arts and culture. It is through creative play and exploration that we can bring more context and meaning to the rich and diverse everyday Singaporean experience for our children.

For those of us who live here, we are very lucky to have all this in our backyard. Grab your colouring pencils and let's go forth and explore!


The Marina Bay: Young Explorer's Day Journal is now out. Purchase it here at our e-store.

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