We are a diverse team of parents, technologists and designers with one thing in common, the love for learning. 


Our STEM focused products will encourage your little learners to be interested and engaged in everyday surroundings and experiences.  



To help parents cultivate passionate, independent, questioning, observant, logical and open little learners. These little learners will take the STEM skills gained to excel in the academic environment and grow into adaptable, knowledgeable and responsible adults that will help solve the problems of the world.


Convert everyday environments into schoolrooms and situations into STEM stories and learning opportunities without your kids finding out. Shh… it’s not educational, its fun!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Team Piqolo Kids


Wan Tsau is a self-taught graphic designer. He is the creative and technology lead in this team. He has broad working experience in digital publishing, business development and technology deployment notably in the education, advertising and green technology sector. He lives in Singapore with his wife and three children.


Tara is the business person in this team, basically she tries to get all the fun stuff out to as many kids as she can. Having previously been an engineer herself, she would like to see more girls not just being interested in STEM but staying interested. She is raising two girls and actively tries to help them build confidence and loving relationships.