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Join Peppy & Lili on their STEM adventures on Earth

Peppy and Lili's STEM adventures is a series of stories and comics created to make science, technology, engineering and math fun for children aged 6 to 9-years.


It's about a crew of alien monsters from Planet QD-Pi visiting different parts of Earth to find the missing eggs that fell from their space ship. Along the way they learn about the planet, people and animals they meet. Of course, STEM concepts are weaved into these stories in a fun and engaging way.

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The Final Part of Peppy & Lili Earth Missions Wild Singapore is Here!


Our STEM filled Singaporean adventure comes to a dramatic end with part four of our Comic Activity Book. Join Peppy & Lili on the final leg of their heroes' journey as their quest takes them to the rustic forests of Pulau Ubin and back to space. Click here to find out more.


Our first Peppy & Lili Math-ventures E-book, "Egg-citing Time Down Under" is now available on Amazon Kindle.

Peppy and Lili are in Australia and are searching for the missing monster eggs that fell from their spaceship. Join them as they zip through the beautiful and rugged Australian landscape and make new friends along the way. Click here to purchase it on Amazon Kindle.  


We publish FREE STEM inspired content and activity sheets regularly which can be accessed via Telegram.  

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