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Spaceship Monster Cam

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Take a Peek Inside Peppy & Lil' Lili's Space Ship, the QSS FARGO

Camera 1 - Hatchling Bunk Room

This is where the little hatchlings come to wind down and nap. It's the cosiest room in the ship. The floating baby mobile is to help create a calming and familiar feeling.


Camera 2 - Space Farm

This is where Peppy and Lil' Lili grow their food. The temperature in the room is the warmest in the whole ship. The plants need the right amount of heat to grow well.


Camera 3 - Cafeteria

This is where the entire ship's crew eat their meals. The talented robot chef called i128 (I want to eat) prepares delicious meals from freshly squeezed ingredients. Yummy!


Camera 4 - Hatchery

This is where the monster egg capsules are stored until the hatchlings hatch. The eggs are rotated between the lighted and dark rooms to simulate day and night.


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Peppy and Lil' Lili are in Australia and are searching for the missing monster eggs that fell from their spaceship. Join them as they zip through the beautiful and rugged Australian landscape and make new friends along the way. Click here to purchase it on Amazon Kindle.

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