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5 Ways To Livin’ La Dolce Vita (Italian Inspired Activities To Do With Your Kids)

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

We love doing thematic activities as it is fun and teaches the kids another culture. In the midst they get to learn some history, some geography, some math and some language. Here are some activity suggestions.

A hand holding up a gelato in the middle of a small street

1. Cook up a storm il modo italiano

Recipes such as child-friendly risotto are a plenty on the internet. We provided a simple one in our Italian activity packs too. Simple pasta and pizzas are also all-time favourites. Get your kids to pick out ingredients they like and create their own pasta and pizza.

2. Read some Italian inspired books

I do agree sometimes children books unwittingly leads to stereotypes of cultures but it is definitely a fun way to get them interested and to get exposure to something different from their own cultures. It could also be a way to get started on the topic. For example, they eat pizzas very often but they might not know that it originated from Italy and the Italian version is slightly different from what they are used to eating.

3. Create Da Vinci Inspired Inventions

Even though the first practical parachute was created by Sebastien Lenormand in 1783, Da Vinci was the first person to conceive this idea. Try making a craft parachute with your child.

4. Create An Italian Painting

Use different mediums to create famous art pieces with your child. We thought of making mosaic art, recreating famous paintings with acrylic or even making a collage with cutouts from printouts of the paintings.

5. Make a mini art gallery

Print out your favourite Italian art pieces in a mini format and past them on a cardboard box. Note a few basic info about the artist, get a few dolls and go an art tour with your child.

Get creative and do tag us on how you spent your Italian themed week with your child. Combine these activities with our FREE Italian Food Themed Activity Pack and encourage your child to journal what they have learnt over the week.

Tag us at #piqolochefitalian so that we can see what fun stuff you and your child have been doing.

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