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Let's Get Wildly Creative in Singapore

Updated: May 5, 2022

Boost your Child's Creativity and Learn about Local Animal Diversity through Art.

Are your kids wild about animals? Do they also enjoy art? If yes, they will love the Singapore Animal Sketchbook. Let's find out what inspired this Singapore-themed activity book.

Singapore Has Plenty of Wildlife

Photograph courtesy of the author.

According to the National Parks Board, Singapore is home to an estimated 23,000–28,000 species of land based animals and 12,000–17,000 marine ones. That's a pretty awesome number of native animals for a country with only a total land size of 728 square kilometres. This does not include the diverse number of local and non-local animals found in the various wildlife parks and aquariums found here.

How wild is that?

Young Children Love and Care About Animals

Photograph courtesy of the author.

Are your kids wild about wildlife? My guess is, they are... 100%. Just make a trip to the Singapore Zoo or S.E.A. Aquarium and you will see countless young, bright and happy faces peering across the exhibits hoping for a roaring encounter with the animals. Even our local nature reserves, like those in Bukit Timah and Pulau Ubin, are peppered every weekend with little budding naturalists searching for illusive wildlife.

More importantly, kids today are increasingly aware of important issues like animal conservation, habitat protection and environmental degradation. This natural fondness for animals and wildlife is a fantastic opportunity for parents to encourage their kids to extend their understanding of science and the natural world. Perhaps even foster interest in other aspects of learning.

Boosting Creativity Through Animals and Art

Our Singapore Animal Sketchbook is based on the belief that we can unlock every child's creativity if we could create something:

  • kids cared about (wildlife)

  • locally relevant (Singapore-focused)

  • fun and open-ended enough not to stifle individuality (art-based activity).

Through active consultation with our community of parents and young readers, we believe we've come up with a product which can help to foster creativity in young children and bolster the next generation's understanding of Singapore's diverse wildlife.

Carefully Curated for Children in Singapore

We curated and produced over 40 pages of animal related art activities. Every page contains thoughtfully designed animal related "art prompts" suitable for young children to complete and come up with their own artistic interpretations.

Additionally, animals mentioned or suggested in the book are contextually relevant to all Singapore based children as they can be found locally, either at the wildlife parks or in the wild.

Get Creative Outdoors

Kids are encouraged to visit these man-made and natural animal habitats in Singapore to observe these animals. A multi-sensory outdoor environment and visual engagement with these animals, coupled with some research (for the older kids), can help provide a richer context for creative expression.

This makes the Singapore Animal Sketchbook a perfect accompaniment for any family outings to the Zoo, Aquarium or neighbourhood nature reserve. It will help to make these trips more memorable and, not to mention, more enjoyable for the kids.

There are many ways to encourage creativity in young children. Why not pick one which involves exploration, the outdoors and plenty of animals! Let's get wildly creative today!


The Singapore Animal Sketchbook is now out. Purchase it here at our e-store.


A Supportive Community Spurs Creativity

A big part of our mission here in Piqolokids is to encourage creativity in the next generation. This is why we have created a new Facebook Group for Singapore-based parents to showcase and celebrate their children's artwork.

This is a great place to share and discuss the artwork created in the Singapore Animal Sketchbook. We encourage parents to share photos of your children's masterpieces, doodles and artistic creations and ideas on how we can collectively cultivate creativity and (the love for animals) in our little ones.

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