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FREE Dolch Sight Words Interactive Card Set With Fun Tracker

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

92 Interactive Card Set of Dolch Pre-K and Kindergarten Sight Words With Fun Gem Tracker

Hey Parents and Teachers! Here's another FREE learning resource from Piqolo Kids! We bring you the Pre-K and Kindergarten Dolch Sight Words Interactive Training Card Set.

The card sets are broken into 4 decks and are based on the 40 Dolch Pre-K and 52 Kindergarten sets of sight words. There is also a fun gem tracker in each set to help motivate the kids and also serve as a way for parents to mark which words their children are not strong at.

This pack comes in interactive digital versions only. Parental participation is necessary to make the activity more meaningful for the child.

Age Group

4 to 6 years old

Estimated activity time

1 to 2 weeks depending on child’s age and interest level.


  1. Place ipad on a table. Parents are to be seated facing the child with the ipad in the middle.

  2. There are 7 gems on the cover of each set. Each gem represent one session. You can enter the corresponding date of each session in the fields below the gems.

  3. Ask child to read each sight word. If child is successful, click on the gem to indicate success. If child is unable to read the sight word, leave the gem slot empty (unchecked). Assist the child by saying out the word. Then ask child to spell the word while clicking on each letter and saying out the letter concurrently.

  4. Repeat 6 more sessions. Focus on words which the child has not been able to read by looking at the unchecked gem trackers.

Versions Available

Interactive Digital PDF for iPad/Apple Pencil

The interactive version can be used directly on the iPad and is clickable allowing users to keep track of the number of kind acts by clicking on the ice cream icons. It is fully coloured while the printable version is in black and white to make it printer ink friendly.

System Requirements

The interactive version can be used via the Apple Books app on the following devices:

iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad (6th generation)


  • 27 clickable Dolch Pre-K Word Card Deck (interactive version only)

  • 13 clickable Dolch Pre-K Word (Verbs) Card Deck (interactive version only)

  • 32 clickable Dolch Kindergarten Word Card Deck (interactive version only)

  • 20 clickable Dolch Kindergarten Word (Verbs) Card Deck (interactive version only)

Sample pages:

Download now:

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