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FREE Korean Food Printable Activity Pack for Preschoolers

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

2 Hours of wonderful Korean cuisine themed activities with lots of learning objectives

Annyeonghaseyo! We're delighted to launch our latest Piqolo Pack. In this edition, we bring to you a fun and educational pack based on a humble cuisine that is also bursting in flavours (and not to mention color!)... Korean!

We hope that this pack will help your children develop an interest about Korean history, it's people and customs, it's unique cuisine and of course it's popular culture... K-POP!

This pack comes in both printable and interactive digital versions. Some parental guidance would make the activities more meaningful for the child. The digital version can be used as a self-checking tool for some of the activities. This provides more autonomy for the child during his or her learning journey.

Also, did we mention? It's FREE!

Age Group

4 to 6 years old


English Letters and Words Practiced: brew, stew, chew, nice, dice, rice, fork, pork, cork, pne, two, three

Math Practised: Counting and addition of up to 27, Counting and subtraction from 6

Estimated activity time

1 to 2.5 hours depending on child’s age and interest level. An average of 15 minutes per activity depending on activity type and child’s age

Versions Available

Interactive Digital PDF for iPad/Apple PencilPrintable PDF The interactive version can be used directly on the iPad and is clickable allowing users to reveal the correct answers (self-checking mechanism). It is fully coloured while the printable version is mostly in black and white to make it printer friendly.

System Requirements

The interactive version can be used via the Apple Books app on the following devices: iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 12.9-inch, iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad (6th generation)


  • 1 instruction manual

  • 13 activity sheets

  • 16 piece cutouts (printable version only)

  • 21 printable full coloured cue cards

  • 1 recipe with shopping list

  • 9 fun facts about Korean food and culture

Sample pages:

Download now:

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Activity sheets

  • Rhyme Jjigae: Language and Phonics - Learn three different groups of word family sounds.

  • Hot Onggi: Cognition - Fun game involving different types of kimchi ingredients to improve memory and help with matching.

  • Chop Chop Gimbap: Math - Check emails and mark off the gimbap orders then add them up to find the total number of gimbap orders fultilled

  • The Great Bingsu Queue: Math - Deduct the number of bingsus eaten from the original 6 bowls to get the remaining number of bowls of bingsu.

  • Side Dishes Heroes: Cognition - Differentiate between vegetables that are grown under the ground, on the ground and on trees as fruits.

  • Some Samgyeopsal: Cognition - Learn logical thinking and sequencing by numbering the images of bbw pork belly from raw to cooked.

  • One Bowl Wonder: Cognition - Choose the prepared or cooked version of the ingredient

  • Tongue Twisters: Math - Learn concept of measurement by counting how many boxes tall are each of the potato sticks

  • A Piece of Tteok : Language - Learn sight words (one, two, three) and how to spell them by unscrambling them and looking for and clicking on them

  • Patterns & Pancakes: Cognition - Recognise patterns and choose the correct Korean ingredients to complete the patterns.

  • Seoul Food: Cognition - Match the street food sticks to their shadows

  • Bingsu Party: Creativity - Let your child express his/her creativity by designing their own Patbingsu dessert.

  • Lil Cooking Class: Practical Life Skills - is yum and fun. Make it with your child to help them appreciate Korean cuisine. There is an ingredient list attached to the recipe which serves as a handy checklist when going grocery shopping. The symbols will make searching for the ingredient easier for the child.

  • Beautiful Seoul: Self-mastery - This weekly journal teaches your child autonomy and responsibility over their own learning journey. Everyday, they can write down (with help for younger kids) what they have learnt over the week and colour/collect the badges to symbolise the end of the learning day.

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