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Tinkerton's Crew Information File

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Find out more about your favourite Chief Engineer

Explorer Cadet Information File

Crew name



Chief Engineer

Ship name

QSS Fargo


Peppy & Lili in Wild Singapore, Vol. 2 (Click on link to find out)

Captain Ferdinand's Observations

Tinkerton is an indispensable member of our crew. She has saved our ship from countless critical mechanical damages and software failures since joining the QSS Fargo as a Junior Engineer Apprentice 29 years ago. Her journey since then to Chief Engineer is decorated with many proud personal and team achievements.

Tinkerton is a focused and determined technologist. I have no doubt that with the help of our recent cadets, we will be able to achieve her goal of converting our ship into a 100% self- sustaining Explorer vessel.

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