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Admiral Bayden's Crew Information File

Find out more about your favourite Earth Explorer Admiral "Old Bay" Bayden

Explorer Cadet Information File

Crew name

Admiral Bayden


Admiral (Retired)

Ship name

QSS Fargo


Peppy & Lili in Wild Singapore, Vol. 4 (Coming soon)

Captain Ferdinand's Observations

Admiral Bayden, or more affectionately known on our ship as Old Bay, joined us this year. Despite being out of service for more than 20 years, Admiral Bayden still exemplifies the best of our QD-Explorer values. He will be an invaluable addition to our crew, especially, as mentor to our younger members.

He will assist Chief Engineer, Tinkerton, to further develop our on-ship botany efforts. Most particularly, he will oversee the hydroponic farming initiative by implementing what he has learnt from Earth-based technologies.

Download PDF version of the Crew Information File


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