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Captain Ferdinand's Crew Information File

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Find out more about your favourite Explorer Captain

Explorer Cadet Information File

Crew name

Captain Ferdinand



Ship name

QSS Fargo


Peppy & Lili in Wild Singapore, Vol. 3 (Coming soon)

Admiral Bayden's Observations

Captain Ferdinand is a second generation F.I.N.D. (Friendly and Intelligent Navigation Droid) developed by the QD-ExploreTech Agency to expedite the search for new habitable planets in far away solar systems.

Each F.I.N.D. personnel develops unique personalities and perspectives according to the sensory and data inputs it receives on its adventures. "Ferdie" seems to have developed a rather “grouchy” disposition but he is one of the best ship Captains I’ve had the honour to work with.


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