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FabLab: QD-Single Pod, Earth Standard v1.0

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Take a look at the designs of Lil' Lili's Earth QD-Single Pod version 1.0

This is Lil' Lili's Earth QD-Single Pod v.1.0 designed by Tinkerton, Chief Engineer of the QSS Fargo. It is the first generation Earth-land and sea ready magnetic levitation transportation pod which can accommodate one passenger.


Technical Drawings and Information

Ship Type

QD-Single Pod


Earth (Standard)





Mission Appearance

Peppy and Lili's Earth Missions: Wild Singapore Volume 1


  • 2 x Active GPS Antennas - These Galactic Positioning System antennas receive celestial navigational signals from the QSS Fargo. The active signal amplification provides other QS-pods with back-up in case of any primary signal loss.

  • Environment Controlled Cabin - Air pressure, temperature and oxygen levels are conditioned automatically through external sensors. This allows pod riders to travel in different altitudes and on land/in water.

  • Ship Seal - Seal designed to be hermetic to make the pod airtight and waterproof.

  • 8 x Maglev Thrusters - These thrusters allow our pod to levitate/fly and move forward and backward. It does so by alternating its electromagnetic force to create propulsion within the Earth’s natural magnetic field.

  • Interactive Transparent Display - The highly durable glass casing serves as both, a cabin canopy and an interactive control hub. All communication, navigation, information and entertainment functions can be managed from its optical display module and multi-touch gesture surface sensors.

Click the link below to download the printable black and white PDF file of blueprint

QD-Single Pod Earth Standard v1.0


3D Rendering

If you wish to add any modifications to the QD-Pod, go to Tinkercad to make the changes.


Follow our progress

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