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How Our Kids Used Our Italian Piqolo Pack

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

We love creating beautiful things with our kids but it gives us even greater joy when these activities are educational as well. This is why we really like to use themes in our activities. It provides our kids with context and makes the activity much more meaningful and hence more memorable.

This is why we created the Italian Piqolo Activity Pack. We wanted to immerse them in the rich culture in Italy and thought why not kick-off with our favourite starting point... food!

We started first by showing them where Italy was on the map. And of course where home was too, so they could see how far, or in this case how near (as it seems so on the map to kids) both places are.

No. 2 who was 3 years old liked to piece the pizzas together like a puzzle.

No. 1 of course had to decorate and colour.

Counting tomatoes was fun.

We used the interactive version to do self-checks. The discovery of a right answer was confidence boosting for our little one.

Finally, journaling what was learnt during the day and looking forward to the next Italian learning day! Find more tips on how we enjoy our Italian themed learning week in our article here.

If you wish to get your hands on out FREE Italian Piqolo Pack, download it at clicking on this link!

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