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Worm's TerrorByte Personnel File

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Find out more about your favourite cowardly TerrorByte

TerrorByte Personnel Information File

Crew name

Worm (#0001)






Peppy & Lili in Wild Singapore, Vol. 3 (Coming soon)

T.B.A Main A.I's Observations:

1) Conformity

Cadet #0001's conformity function has not been operating optimally as other T.B.A. recruits. #0001 does not socialise or connect well with his peers. All memory of his past has been erased but he still displays a natural interest in matters outside regulated T.B.A. activities like reading books and listening to music. The next software update will rectify this function error.

2) Compliance

Cadet #0001 is highly compliant to the T.B.A. software rules. The only issue is his ability to deliver results. He is not a competent cadet.

3) Obedient

Cadet #0001 is highly obedient and takes orders without hesitation. The assessment is some elements of his personality or residual memory is assisting in this function. The next group software upgrade will incorporate this element to enhance the obedience function across all T.B.A. recruits.


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